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About the NRSA

NRSA History


The North Rockland Soccer Association (NRSA) was founded in1978 by Elvio Nardi, a local barber, and his wife Fran.  Their sole intention was to allow the children in North Rockland to have a place to learn and play soccer. They approached the Marian Shrine requesting use of their fields and were met with open arms.  They started the NRSA with 250 kids and expanded to the fields at the North Garnerville elementary school.  As interest continued to grow,  the Nardis expanded into building a soccer field in West Haverstraw as part of a community clean-up project.  In the 90’s, the Nardis contacted NY state and,  with the help of the town of Haverstraw,  made arrangements to acquire the fields on Willow Grove Road,  which at that time was a corn field.   This could only be achieved with the help of the entire community with plenty of volunteers and fund raising.  The goal was to build seven soccer fields over time. With the heart and soul of all the people interested in soccer, it was accomplished.



Welcome To The North Rockland Soccer Association

By NRSA 04/17/2022, 2:45pm EDT

Our Philosophy


Develop, Inspire, Achieve


At NRSA, our goal is to develop every player, inspiring qualities that are valuable both on and off the field.  By providing a positive environment and instilling qualities such as teamwork, dedication and confidence, NRSA strives to provide the framework necessary to build not only great athletes, but great teammates.

For a player to truly excel in their own development, inspiration must burn from within.  NRSA strives daily to keep this flame strong and growing.

It is recognized that to achieve big goals, feats must be broken down into smaller, more easily attained goals, in order to keep motivation high.  Here at NRSA, bite-sized, realistic goals are given continuously in order to achieve the final result.  For younger players, this is really essential, as attention and task-focus is hard to keep. 

When you Develop the right skills, and Inspire the right way, you Achieve your goals…this is the NRSA way.


Annual Meeting

By NRSA 12/08/2021, 2:45pm EST

The North Rockland Soccer Association will be holding its annual meeting on Wednesday, January 5th at 7:00 pm.  The annual meeting will be held virtually.  If you would like to attend please fill out the

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Contact Us North Rockland SA