Tournament Check-In Documentation

UpdatedThursday November 18, 2021 byLeague Registrar.

We would like to thank you all for registering for the NRSA Harvest Fest.  This year we will be utilizing online check-in.  Please upload all player passes, medical release forms ( your regular club forms will work, no special form needed), and official team roster.  We ask that all player passes be uploaded as one file as well as the medical release forms. Coaches must upload the following documentation to GotSoccer for check-in.  All files must be accurately labeled.

1. Signed Copy of the Rules  ("Signed Rules")
2. Rosters with players uniform number ("Team Roster")
3. Approved Player cards/passes and guest player identification cards ("Player Passes")
*Note - Teams that have Rosters with pictures, birthdate, and US Club or US Youth Registration numbers do not need to submit player passes as well.  

Do not upload signed Medical Release forms for each player ("Medical Release Forms").  Coaches/managers must have a valid medical release form for all players in their possession throughout the duration of the tournament, and must be able to provide Medical Waiver forms on request.  Medical waivers used by your club for league play (ie US Youth or US Club medical forms) are acceptable.  If you do not have club medical forms use the Tournament Waiver.

GotSoccer Upload Directions:

Please return to your GotSoccer home page, click on the NRSA Harvest Fest, then click on the Documents tab on top.  

General Field Rules:

Tents are permitted and encouraged.  Tents must be located around the perimeter of the complex, and may not be between fields.  (Except in cases where a tent is temporarily placed to cover the team bench during a game due to weather conditions). 

Tents may not be placed in front of the Clubhouse and patio area.   

All tents must be firmly staked and secured to the ground. 

Please consolidate all trash and clean up after your team. 

Air horns are strictly prohibited.

Pets, alcoholic beverages and the smoking of tobacco products and vaping are strictly prohibited from the grounds.

No open flames, charcoal, barbeque or grilling of any kind will be allowed--violators will be ejected from the grounds and may not be allowed to attend future events. 

No solicitations from unregistered vendors will be allowed.




Parking is available at our fields, at the community gym (left at the traffic light after the fields), or at the community center just after the fields (closest half of the parking lot).

NRSA Harvest Fest Rules 2021
Tournament & Adult League Play Waiver & Release of Liability Form.pdf