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NRSA Tryout Procedure Philosophy

Annually conduct advertised tryouts for all returning and new teams, thus allowing youth residing within and outside the Town of Stony Point and the Town of Haverstraw an opportunity to compete for a position on a travel soccer team. All tryouts must be open, fair, transparent, and without bias, the goal being to form teams based on age and gender with players who have similar skills, athleticism, ability, determination and commitment for the expected competitive level of the team.

Selection of Coaches

New head and assistant coaches require the approval of the Director of coaching (DOC). If approved, the DOC must inform NRSA Board of this decision where it will be put to a final vote.

Coaching Licensing

All new coaches must be licensed at the minimum “F” level. The NRSA has agreed to pay 50% of license upon completion.

Travel Team Tryouts

The Soccer Coordinators will inform coaches and players when travel team tryouts will be occurring. The Travel Registrar through the travel coaches will inform travel team players of travel tryouts. Travel team tryout information will be published on nrsa.org and flyers will be distributed where practicable.

Tryouts will be held and completed in May. All new participants will be given an equal opportunity to compete for a team.
All existing team players must attend tryouts (unless that player is leaving the team, which then must notify the existing coach). 

One (1) independent evaluator must be used from the youngest age group up to and including U-18. It will be the responsibility of the Director of Coaching to set up and schedule the evaluators for each age group during tryouts.
All teams must use rating forms during tryouts and turn them in to the Director of Coaching.
All players trying out for a travel team must be registered with the NRSA prior to the tryouts.
Any participant not making a Travel team, who has attended the minimum number of tryouts, must be contacted by phone or in writing.



1. Each player selected to play on the NRSA travel team is to make a commitment to that travel team prior to his/her selection. That commitment consists of a pledge to attend all travel team games before participating in other activities during the seasonal year. Coaches will inform players and parents at the start of the tryouts of the anticipated commitment for the team for the season including frequency of practices, tournaments, indoor schedule, etc. Coaches will attempt to schedule travel team practices at a convenient time with an attempt to minimize scheduling conflicts. The club will attempt to schedule travel home games (the club has no control over the scheduling of away games) to minimize scheduling conflicts.

NRSA 18/19 Travel Pricing